The Boston Red Sox: Defenders of the 2004 World Championship!! "Whoever plunges into his experiences with the momentum of hope, will remember so that he cannot forget." - Soren Kierkegaard.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

See? What did I tell you? Fuck momentum. This team wouldn't know a winning streak if it walked up and bent a 9 iron over their fucking skulls.
If I were Terry Francona I'd make the seargant from Full Metal Jacket look like Strawberry fucking-Shortcake. I'd be walking up and down the dugout screaming things like "You may not like me, but you will respect me because I am fair! You are all equally worthless in my eyes! You, Private FatBoy! You grounded out with one out and Nomar on second in the ninth inning! Get down on your knees and choke yourself ---- no, with my hand, numbnuts!"
And to top it all off, Pokey Reese injured his thumb. X-rays were negative, but he will be having an MRI to see if/how badly he damaged the ligament. Great. Just great.
I taped over last night's game for this?