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Thursday, June 03, 2004

(please let me preface this entry by saying that it is full of nothing but hateful negativity and ranting and that in no way does it reflect the love that I really feel for this team or individual players, some of whom appear on my desktop as wallpaper and whose baseball cards are hung up on my station at work.)

Pedro shits the bed. Again. Posted by Hello

On the second day of June señor Martínez gave to me:
Eleven hits,
Seven earned runs,
5 fucking innings,
4 measley strikeouts,
2 base-on-balls,
One hit batter
And a 4.40 ERAaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I'm pissed. And I'm worried. I probably wouldn't be so pissed if I weren't so worried. Pedro just isn't the Sweet P. that we all know and love. He looked bad last night, and I'm past the point where I'm letting him off with the "settling into the season" excuse. Pedro keeps insisting that he is healthy, that he's just having problems locating pitches and this & that, but wtf?? I never thought the problem this year would be pitching.
First we've got Pedro, the Stepford Dominican, who looks the same and acts the same (i.e. talking a bunch of shit, which he has thusfar been unable to back up [ya, just keep telling us the management is spreading "untrue" "rumors" about your shoulder being held together with Stick-um and a Post-It note]) but who just isn't the same. Then we've got Schilling, who I keep hearing is bothered by an ankle problem, although I'm not sure whether this is true or not. Next is Wakefield, who - as fucked up as this is - kinda looks like the team ace right now. Wakey's a knuckleballer, and he's almost always going to give up a certain amount of hits and/or runs, but he has looked like the most consistent pitcher of the bunch. Then Lowe. Wow. Derek Lowe. No comment. And the fifth pitcher is either a) alternately brilliant and angeringly incompetant, or b) off doing God-knows-what God-knows-where, depending on whether you view Arroyo or Kim as the fifth starter. Add to this mess a complete fucking moron of a manager who has a Gradian concept of pulling pitchers and you get...well, you get a team that is 2.5 games behind first place, has nine fucking players on the DL, and is about to embark on one of the toughest months of their season.
Just ducky.
Not to mention Gabe Kapler, who has filled in nicely as a substitute Mr. Useless until the real Mr. Useless comes back on Tuesday (at least we probably won't have to endure another at-bat from goddamn Cesar Crespo;) Manny Ramírez, who - as much as I love him and still hold him dear as my favorite Red Sox - is looking like he's chilling in a Barcalounger watching the Spice Channel with a Gameboy Advance and a 22 of Presidente beer on the basepaths as well as out in left field these days; Kevin "the Rally Killer" Millar, Brian "I look completely joyless even after I hit a homerun because even I am aware of how bad I suck" Daubach, and me, Sarah "I'm a fairweather fan who can't endure a couple of losses without thinking that the season is already over and we might as well roll over and take it in the ass from the Yankees like we always do" Martin. Hehe. ::wink::