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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Orteezy fer sheezy! Posted by Hello

Good game tonight. Dare I say it but Derek Lowe and Odalis Perez were battling each other in what turned out to be a surprising pitching duel - let me tell you, that was the last thing I expected to sit down and watch when I got home from work tonight. Both offenses were pretty much non-existent until Ortiz hit a home run in the bottom of the seventh inning. Timlin pitched a scoreless eighth and Foulke came in in the ninth. Game over, right? Not so fast. Cue the calliope music, somebody, cause the baseball is headed toward Manny. The shut-out and Derek Lowe's win were both thrown out the window after Manny failed to catch a routine fly ball (Remy and Orsillo tried to blame it on the wind, but after a replay of the flags in left-center field it was established that "Manny botched it. That ball should be caught every time.") But no matter - Ortiz came through again with a game-winning single that scored Damon from third. I love Manny to death - I really do - if someone put a gun to my head and made me pick a favorite member of the 2004 Red Sox it would be Manny, no doubt about it - but he really sucked tonight. Three ground-outs (one into a double play) and an error. Irritating.
But in the end it was an entertaining game, and in light of the pistol-whipping that the Yankees received at the hands of the Padres tonight, it was something to celebrate.
Wakey tomorrow and then Sweet P. starts on sunday, so we'll be able to watch it live! Last year it seemed like we were always off on Wakefield's starts. This year it seems to be Pedro, which is a-okay with me.
Good to see Derek Lowe have a good game. I'm off to play some MVP 2005 with my husband. Good night.