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Sunday, June 06, 2004

I blame it on Crespo.  Posted by Hello

His suckiness is evidently contagious. Perhaps, like Pigpen from the old Peanuts cartoon, an aura of suck just surrounds him wherever he goes, and today Grimmsley and Harvey just happened to run through (and collide in) the cloud. In any case, the Sox managed to get another win today, thanks to a five-run fifth inning. The Sox were finally able to make the Royals pay for all the base-on-balls they had been giving up, and Timlin/Foulke were able to close the game out quite efficiently. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but Derek Lowe didn't do half badly today, by his own garbage-y standards. He cut his usual runs-given-up-per-game in half today, only giving up three over five innings, and at one point had retired something like nine batters in a row. (Don't you just love how vague I am while writing about a sport in which numbers are God?) Maybe it was the high socks. Sox have tomorrow off and then will start interleague play with a series against the Padres, which I believe will feature Pedro vs. that fat, beached walrus David Wells. There are also rumors going around that Nomar will make his first appearance of the season on Tuesday, but who knows. Mr. Useless.