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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

For Pete's sake... Posted by Hello

I'm turning off the television right now. Right now. There, it's off. It's the bottom of the seventh, one out, Keith Foulke just took the mound, and the score is 9-7. I'm not watching another single second of this bullshit. The first four innings of the game were pretty much spent in a contest to see which starting pitcher could suck the meanest dick. The first inning, two-run homer from Vlad seemed to give Pedro the early jump in this category, but ultimately Washburn proved to be worst (or best, depending on how you view being a complete and utter pole-smoker,) and was pulled from the game with the Sox on top 7-4. Then Tito - once again, might I add - completely mismanaged his pitching staff and sent an obviously gassed Pedro (who had very little to start the game and had absolutely nothing to offer by the sixth inning,) back out on the mound in classic Grady Little fashion. 7-5. Then bring on Mike Timlin, and presto! - the score is 8-7. Really fucking brilliant.
I'm sick and tired of Mike Timlin, I'm sick and tired of Terry Francona, and I'm sick and tired of watching Pedro looking like he spent more time prepping his goddamn jerri-curl than prepping for the game. Can the man get out of the first inning of a game without giving up at least one run???
One good thing - Manny hit another homerun tonight - I think it was his 15th of the season and the 362nd of his career. And that's about the only good thing I have to say right now.