The Boston Red Sox: Defenders of the 2004 World Championship!! "Whoever plunges into his experiences with the momentum of hope, will remember so that he cannot forget." - Soren Kierkegaard.

Monday, June 28, 2004

First of all, I urge everyone (all ten of you who read this blog, anyway,) to go out and see Fahrenheit 9/11. Even if you're not a Democrat, even if you don't have the left wing leanings that I do, go out and watch this film - if not for the compelling anti-Bush arguements then at least to see footage that isn't shown to the country on the nightly news of what is really happening to our troops in Iraq.
Second of all, don't forget to vote as many times as you can to get Ortiz into the All Star game. Take a look at the other AL first basemen and tell me that you don't think he deserves it! You can vote up to 25 times (per screen names,) and as Ortiz isn't even on the map yet in the voting he needs all the help he can get!! (I've stuffed the ballot box 75 times already, so I practice what I preach.)
And the Sox are on the eve of their third meeting with the MFYs. I caused a small domestic dispute the other night by coming home drunk (my station partner and I smuggled a bottle of Captain Morgan into the theater with us - high school ahoy!) and ranting and raving about how the Sox were going to embarass themselves in the Bronx. My husband disagreed, of course, and actually told me that he wasn't talking to me anymore and went to bed, and if you know how quiet and laid back my husband is then you can guess how obnoxious I was probably being. So I'll admit to not being in a very good state of mind concerning the Red Sox right now.
However, all hope is not lost. The pitching matchups are mostly in favor of the Sox. Kevin Brown is still injured and will not pitch this series. Tomorrow is Lowe vs. Vazquez...Vazquez is actually doing much better than I figured he would, but he has a propensity to give up the long ball, and with Manny, Ortiz, and Yankee-killer Trot in the lineup this could work in our favor. Then Wakefield vs. Lieber (I think.) Lieber sucks, Wakey is WAY overdue, 'nuff said. And Thursday concludes the series with Pedro vs. Hallsey...I don't think I need to say that I like our chances there. I certainly wish that Schilling were pitching this series for a little more security, but I still think the Sox have a fighting chance. A lot will depend on if the offense can keep clicking like it has been, and if the defense decides to plays= like they poured out of a Shriner clown circus car in the player's parking lot again.
I'm looking forward to this series, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to a little apprehension. Even the Yanks winning two out of three would be mildly disasterous. C'mon Sox!!! Let's start the season already!!!