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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Ever wanted to know what the delicate little flower who makes all these entries looks like? Well here I am!  Posted by Hello

See, I told you that I looked like a fourteen year old boy. ::Shrug:: A face only a mother could love!
Sox dropped one to the Giants tonight, 6-4. I was just looking at the box score of the game (since I didn't get to watch it because of goddamn FOX) and I have to say that I'm sick of Terry Francona. This guy is a liability. Zsa Zsa Gabor could make a better line-up than last night's. Trot, Nomar AND Damon all out at once?? I can see either Trot or Nomar out...but Damon too? Fucking moron. Jesus Christ how are the Sox going to win games like this? I think the Sox should make me bench coach, and every time I'd see Tito try to put a lineup like that on the field I'd bash one of his toes with a ball peen hammer for every mis-placed player.
I am feeling a little more encouraged by the late-inning rallies that the Sox have been executing. Makes me think that maybe they are on the verge of good things...but it's hard to really believe that when they can't manage to go on a substantial winning streak. Maybe on the next homestand...
Jason Schmidt vs. Arroyo today. Say what you want about Arroyo (I know I have) but he's due. If the offense can keep rolling like it has and Tito doesn't decide to play Crespo, McCarty and Youkilis for Manny, David and Trot then I think we have a real chance to win.
We're spending all day on the Ohio river with my parents on their boat today, so we're going to do the poor-man's TiVO and set the vcr timer. Go Sox!!!!