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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Urrr-body on the team get tipsy!!! What a sweet comeback last night! Jonathan was whooping as hard as I was when Manny crossed homeplate and he's not even a Sox fan! I loved the expression on Manny's face as he crossed homeplate, like a little kid. Que mono! It was also sweet to see Trot come out on the field at the end. He's in Boston getting his quad checked out by Dr. Morgan, and as soon as he gets that taken care of he'll start a rehab assignment. Hurry, Trot, for the love of God!!!
On a completely non-baseball-related topic, I just discovered the miracle that is iTunes. This allows me to download all the awful booty rap songs that I secretly enjoy but would never buy because the rest of the cd is most likely garbage - like what I'm listening to right now, "Good Times," by Styles P...actually, isn't this the batting song that Manny got in trouble for a couple seasons ago? Ha - it was baseball related after all! :) In any case, my husband is apalled by my iTunes library, and every time I play it he gives me that "I married you?" look.
Um, what else....
Oh ya - EVERYBODY WRITE IN ORTIZ AS ALL STAR FIRSTBASEMAN!!! We gotta get him in there! I've worked out a couple deals at work with some of my friends and fellow baseball fans wherein they will write in Ortiz in exchange for me voting for all Reds players on the NL ticket. Tell a friend! Don't let Orteezy get dissed like that!!! (Repeat after me - Orteezy. Orteezy.)
On further reflection, I have to wonder why in the hell Manny picked this song for his batting music...I mean, the beat is tight and the hook is cool, but has anyone ever listened to the words?? Jesus...."Every day i need an ounce and a half...cause if i'm sober, dog, i might just flip, grab my guns and hold something up...I smoke like a chimney, matter fact I smoke like a gun when a killer sees his enemy...I'm gonna finish you before I finish the Dutch." Haha!!!