The Boston Red Sox: Defenders of the 2004 World Championship!! "Whoever plunges into his experiences with the momentum of hope, will remember so that he cannot forget." - Soren Kierkegaard.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Two great games this weekend, and I enjoyed them to the fullest. My prediction about work on Saturday sadly enough came true. My station partner and I relaxed after a rough night in the trenches in my nice air-conditioned apartment and watched a tape of Saturday night's game. Wow, Manny's nearly identical homers on two consecutive days...Unbelievable. That guy is amazing. Pedro allowed his requisite two runs per game in the second inning, but otherwise looked alright. Manny's moonshot got him off the hook for a loss, but the win went to Anastacio Martínez on his major league debut. He's filling in for Scott Williamson, who has either a sore elbow or shoulder, I can't remember.
Today's game was awesome. Wakey did a great job, allowing two runs and striking out four. JD, Ortiz and Bellhorn all reached base three times today. Said Ortiz about his speed on the basepaths: "I kinda look like Johnny Damon in slow motion." I love it. Sox won the game 7-2 and completed their third sweep of the season (all three against division rivals, might I add.) Curt Schilling vs. Tim Hudson on Tuesday.
I forgot to post this article a couple days ago, but someone finally suggested Pokey Reese as a candidate for starting shortstop next year if (when) Nomar departs to free agency. I suggested this months ago, when Nomar started his hardcore bitching. Pokey is a great defensive player and hey - his batting average is better than Jeter's. Not to mention that he will be cheaper than Nomar and isn't a bitter, whining baby.