The Boston Red Sox: Defenders of the 2004 World Championship!! "Whoever plunges into his experiences with the momentum of hope, will remember so that he cannot forget." - Soren Kierkegaard.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Blowout today. No matter - I'm surrounded by friends and piña coladas. Usually I am irate when the Sox get a loss as sloppy as today's was...however, I know that the team is biding their time until Trot (and Nomar) comes back and that these nightmares will come. It was my prediction that the Sox would be on top of the Yankees by at least two games at the end of this homestand. Didn't happen, yet I'm not scared. Not yet. I don't think the season has even started for my injury-ridden Sox.
Mr. Useless due back in a week if things keep going well. But what about Trot???

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Up-and-down game today. Schilling was pitching a perfect game for 5+ innings, until I happened to mention it to my mom on the phone (by way of explaining why I was a little distracted,) and then next thing you know Randy Winn hit a single to left field. Keith Foulke got his first blown save for the Red Sox today, but the offense battled back to tie the score, then went on to win on a walk-off homerun by none other than Dave McCarty in extra innings. Pokey made some hot plays today at shortstop - Nomar who??

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Sox won. I'm watching the tape of the game right now, so I don't have anything to say about it yet. I just know that the score was 8-4.
But the thing that I wanted to do in this blog entry is give a shout out to my two favorite blogs in the blog-o-sphere. I decided to list two because I have two seperate categories of blogs that I read daily: Sox blogs, and then everything else (and the "everything else" is always baseball related, cause I'm a nerd like that.)
First of all, my favorite Sox blog is definitely Joy of Sox. This is the first blog I ever check when I'm on the computer. For one thing, Alan has great links, great thoughts, and great stats. For another thing, he talks a lot about politics as well, and his point of view just happens to be close to mine and a lot of the people I work with, so I stay informed on two fronts. So thanks a lot to Alan, who is my Sox blogging hero! (No sarcasm, for once!)
My other favorite blog, non-Sox related, is definitely Reds & Blues, a Reds blog written by Scott whom I attended all four years of high school with. And it's NOT just cause we're good friends. If you want to know ANYTHING at all about the Cincinnati Reds, just ask Scott. I'm serious. Anything. And added to that, he's funny as hell. And knowing how the Reds are doing keeps me in conversations with the dishwashers at work who normally eschew AL games as "boring." (Whatever.)
So I'm off to watch the game. But thanks to those two guys for doing a wonderful job. Never stop - I'm hooked!!!

Friday, May 28, 2004

Usually somewhere around seven o'clock I'll be standing behind the line at work and catch a glimpse of the clock by the server's station and think "Damn, first pitch is in __ minutes, and service hasn't even started yet," or something along those lines. Last night was no different. But let me tell you, after I had my friend Shane call the bar upstairs around 8:30 to get the score my nightly regret at not being able to be home to watch the game completely disappeared.
It was an ugly game, but that's what happens every now and then. The Sox beat the Marlins something fierce last year, and then Florida went on to win the World Series. I'm not too torn up about it --- just grateful that I wasn't around to watch.
Trot is going to play seven innings in the field tomorrow as part of his rehab assignment. I'm ecstastic at the thought of Trot's return - it's like the season is starting all over again. I've completely quit worrying about Nomar because I like (read: prefer) Pokey.
When I walked into our apartment building and checked the mail last night I was pleasantly surprised to see Manny on the cover of Sporting News. Nothing in there we didn't already know. "This just in - he's a good hitter."

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Another Sox win last night!! They trumped the A's thanks to an error by Oakland shortstop Bobby Crosby and a GIGANTIC 3-run homer by Jason Varitek. Derek Lowe gave up his necessary 5 runs but still walked away with the W, perhaps thanks in part to the players wearing their red jerseys which they were wearing last time Lowe got a win...when was that? I'm having a hard time remembering, must have been awhile ago. Anastacio Martinez looked bad last night, giving up consecutive hits and getting pulled from the game in the seventh with two men on. Embree and Timlin were able to get the Sox out of the inning, however, and Keith Foulke closed it out. How great has he been this year?? Hot damn!! I love watching the A's lose. I hope all their turd fans are in absolute agony.
Sox go for their second consecutive sweep tonight, Arroyo vs. Mulder. Wish I didn't have to work!!
Oh, and a cool thing: I don't know if you've heard about the nightmare going on in the Dominican and Haiti right now, but flash flooding and mudslides have killed over 600 people there, with up to 400 still unaccounted for. Pedro Martinez has apparently contacted some of his fellow ballplayers and countrymen with the idea to set up a relief fund for the families affected by this disaster. Very, very cool thing to do. You go, Pete.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Let me tell you. I HATE whenever they interview Ben Affleck. He's an annoying piece of trash, and I'm embarrassed that people who don't know anything about the Red Sox might think that he's some sort of ambassador for the team. He's not. He's a douchebag who's career is way past it's twilight, to borrow a Duquette-ian turn of phrase. I've got one word for you, Ben. GIGLI. Now get out of here, I think I just heard your mummy calling.
Speaking of grating, irritating things, is anyone else made sort of uncomfortable by that hotdog commercial where the guy is mooning over the hotdogs, talking about how "girthy" they are and how much he loves the word and the state of being that is "girthy," and then crams the hotdog into his mouth and like moans? Or am I the only perverted one? Ugh.
It is now the sixth inning of the Sox game. I walked in from work just in time to see Derek Lowe's less than spectacular yet singularly Lowe-ish fifth inning, wherein he allowed three runs to score. I'm nervous. Tito better not have pulled a Grady by sending Lowe back out there for one inning too many...

Wow. Now Bill Mueller is on the DL - he will be having arthroscopic knee surgery and will be out for 6-8 weeks. Not as bad as missing Trot and Nomar has been, however. Youkilis seems pretty solid in the field and isn't as bad with the bat as, say, Cesar Crespo. Andy Dominique has been called up from AAA as well, and struck out last night in his major league debut.
I was pretty surprised when I got home from work last night and the score of the game was 9-2. I actually did a triple take to make sure it wasn't actually a zero instead of a nine. Not that I didn't think the Sox could win the game, it's just that when Tim Hudson is pitching, you don't expect to see a big score like that. Ortiz, Manny and Bellhorn came up big-time last night. I will admit to not really paying too much attention to the game, however, as I just discovered the fantastic world of Nintendo emulators and have been busy playing Castlevania, Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. What can I say - I'm a geek. And a slacker.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Tonight my husband and I went to our first Reds game of the season, and it was pretty damn enjoyable. We had great seats to watch the Reds complete their four-game sweep of the Astros, second row of the second tier of bleachers, surrounded by a rowdy bunch of hillbillies and frat boys, (several of whom were brandishing brooms.) Griffey Jr. (that's right, he's still not injured) crushed a 400+ foot homer to straight-away centerfield, and Austin Kearns hit another homerun that landed right below our seats. (I watched the highlights on ESPN and I could see myself in the stands. Unfortunately, Mike was at the concession stand buying me a Pepsi. True love!)
Also we just got our income tax return back and bought MVP Baseball 2005. If only our guinea pig hadn't chewed through the cord of our second PS2 controller....

Two great games this weekend, and I enjoyed them to the fullest. My prediction about work on Saturday sadly enough came true. My station partner and I relaxed after a rough night in the trenches in my nice air-conditioned apartment and watched a tape of Saturday night's game. Wow, Manny's nearly identical homers on two consecutive days...Unbelievable. That guy is amazing. Pedro allowed his requisite two runs per game in the second inning, but otherwise looked alright. Manny's moonshot got him off the hook for a loss, but the win went to Anastacio Martínez on his major league debut. He's filling in for Scott Williamson, who has either a sore elbow or shoulder, I can't remember.
Today's game was awesome. Wakey did a great job, allowing two runs and striking out four. JD, Ortiz and Bellhorn all reached base three times today. Said Ortiz about his speed on the basepaths: "I kinda look like Johnny Damon in slow motion." I love it. Sox won the game 7-2 and completed their third sweep of the season (all three against division rivals, might I add.) Curt Schilling vs. Tim Hudson on Tuesday.
I forgot to post this article a couple days ago, but someone finally suggested Pokey Reese as a candidate for starting shortstop next year if (when) Nomar departs to free agency. I suggested this months ago, when Nomar started his hardcore bitching. Pokey is a great defensive player and hey - his batting average is better than Jeter's. Not to mention that he will be cheaper than Nomar and isn't a bitter, whining baby.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

What a game last night. Was awesome to see the Sox deal out a legitimate ass-whooping instead of just kind-of looking lucky like they have been the past couple weeks. Arroyo was having some pitch placement problems, but the offense kept the Sox in the game the whole way. In the eighth inning, with the score tied at 5, Manny hit an absolute bomb off of Mike Nakamura to spark a 6-run inning. (Nakamura, don't throw the same pitches to Manny over and over again, and if you do, at least don't leave them hanging over the center of the fricking plate...unless, of course, you like public humiliation.) Everyone contributed to this win - including two hits from Pokey and Bellhorn and 1+ innings of scoreless work from Timlin. I have to check what Pokey's batting average is now...if he's anywhere near .275 I have a lot of shit to talk to my husband tonight after work.
Ortiz signed a contract extension for 2 years plus a team option for a third - YAAAAAY! I love it! Papi grande is here to stay!
Williamson on the 15-day disabled list with a tender shoulder. There's something you don't see every day, a key Sox player on the disabled list.
Johnny Damon shaved his beard yesterday and looks like Tattoo from Fantasy Island once again. Apparently a crowd of 1500 showed up to watch him get, that's all I can say about that.
Work is going to be god-awful tonight, I can just tell, so wish me luck.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Well believe me, I wish I could eat my words, but...I told you so about Derek Lowe. Not that you, Anonymous Sox Fan, needed to be told that Lowe's pitching thusfar this season has by and large resembled a steaming heap of hot garbage. Tonight's game vs. the D-Bags seemed to be more about which pitching staff was worse, not which team was better. Zambrano had to leave the mound with a visible shit-stain on the seat of his pants in the shape of Florida after the fourth inning, came back in the fifth to suck a little more, then left the game permanently. Derek Lowe didn't hang around that long...he left having pitched 2 2/3 innings during which he was tagged for six runs. Against the DEVIL RAYS, ladies and gentlemen. The offense did an alright job trying to catch up, but it just didn't happen for the Sox tonight. It's okay. Sox are going back to Boston to face Roy Halladay for the quadrillionth-millionth time this season, whoop-dee-do, why do Canadians have baseball teams?

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Various things:
1) Sox pick up another win tonight thanks to a solid outing by Schilling and offensive help by J.D. and Manny. Sox could sweep tomorrow, but Derek "Loose Cannon" Lowe is pitching, so I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.
2) Theo & Co. are actively shopping Byung Hyun Kim, and are reportedly even willing to eat some of his 2-year, $10 million contract. GOOD. That guy is a waste of money, I would rather see a dishwasher from work out on the mound than that guy, and I hope he gets a case of gonorrhea so severe that he feels compelled to hold it for hours before he pees due to the excruciating burning sensations. Oh wait...if he gets gonorrhea, then he would have to have had sex, which means he might have enjoyed himself, and I definitely don't want that. Maybe a horrendous urinary tract infection. And I know what you're thinking - who will Sarah pick on merciliessly now that her least favorite player will no longer be on the team? Have no fear! There is always Brian Daubach and Cesar Crespo, (and Nomar, if he ever decides that he is well enough to play.)
3) Speaking of Nomar, it looks like Trot will be coming back first, and that's fine with me. If I have to watch Kevin Millar do one of his patented "Sack-o-Taters" bellyflops out in right field I might cringe so severely that I will shrink and become lost in the seat cushion.
4) The announcers on YES are the seat-sniffingest, most self-congratulatory assholes I've ever heard of.
5) I love being a cook. Why, you ask? Soft-shell crabs, cipollini onions, ramps, fiddlehead ferns, alaskan king salmon, white asparagus, meyer lemons...I get to play with all this awesome food all day, and get paid. How cool is that? I love what I do...this week, hehe.
6) I am not, I repeat (more for my benefit than yours) NOT going to get upset about the Manny on-the-trading-block-still rumor on DirtDogs (which I read second-hand through Bambino's Curse since I do not read DirtDogs anymore.) Nope. Not upset at all. Cooooool as a cucumber. Full steam ahead, confidence in management, wanting to field a competetive teamOHMYGOD WHAT IN THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING THEO YOU TWERP DO NOT TRADE MY MOST FAVORITE RED SOX EVER I JUST GOT USED TO HAVING HIM BACK AFTER THE TRAUMATIC OFF-SEASON WHO WILL HIT THE HOMERS? WHO WILL GET THE RIBBIES? WHO WILL I SHAMELESSLY UNDRESS WITH MY EYES DURING EVERY AT-BAT? WHOOOOOO????anyway, um, what was I saying?
7) While I'm on the topic of DirtDogs and Manny, let my very pettily point out that I am...amused, I suppose would be the right word, by the way DirtDog brazenly kisses Manny's ass on Manny's website, given all the trash that he has talked/will talk again about Mr. Ramírez. It's petty. I know that. But I dislike insincerity and ball-washing in any arena. And this is my forum, damnit, and I'm entitled to my petty opinions.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Boring game yesterday. Halladay finally managed to get a win against Pedro as our scrub-lineup was d-e-a-d dead once again, with the usual exception of Manny Ramírez, who got his 24th RBI yesterday. The umpire made some of the worst calls I have ever seen in a televised game of baseball. I heard during the game that the two run homer Pedro gave up was his seventh of 2004....the exact same number of homeruns he allowed during ALL of last season. I'm worried. I am. I can't help it.
Saturday's game was much better, although of course I was at work through the whole thing. Arroyo pitched a gem, shutting the Jays out for eight innings. Bellhorn, Ortiz and Youkilis all went deep - and Youkilis' homer came on only the second major-league at-bat of his career. I've read that he and Lenny DiNardo had to travel in skimpy Hooter's girls uniforms yesterday as part of rookie hazing. Picturing Kevin Youkilis in a Hooter's outfit makes me feel sort of....queasy.
The Sox are all resting down in Florida today, before they start a three game series at that dump they call Tropicana Field. Perhaps that screaming fat guy will be in the hospital undergoing septuple-bipass surgery...As if anything could make that ballpark any worse and more empty sounding, you've got some fat bastard screaming throughout the whole game, completely unhindered by any crowd noise as there is no crowd because that team has no fans. You can hear high pop flys rattling around the catwalks over the television broadcast, it's that quiet in there...I hate the Trop.

Friday, May 14, 2004

WTF is up with this team? More errors, more runs allowed in the first inning - it's enough to make me dry-heave. Excuses? Schilling had this to say: "When your playing as many good teams as we have to play and you don't execute fundamental baseball you're not going to win more than you lose." Good teams?? Good teams??!? They've been playing the fucking Indians, Royals and Blue Jays, for christ's sake...the last "good" team they played was the fucking Rangers, and it was a sweep! And who do we have on the mound tonight to try to rectify their losing ways?? Derek-fricking-Lowe. Great. Just great. Derek Lowe with his almost 5-ERA and astroturf. I'm glad I'll be at work all night.
Speaking of headcases, BK is more of a freak than I thought. Trade him!
Anyone else feeling a little impatient with Tito right now?
Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be linecooks: I cut the tip of my pinkie finger completely off yesterday cutting squash. While the wound itself isn't actually that bad, it bled from 3:00 until around 5:30, and now the band-aid is stuck to the wound and I'm not looking forward to ripping it off. Maybe it will loosen up in the shower...

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Hey, remember when I said that Bellhorn wasn't striking out a lot? Well, I lied. He strikes out. A lot. So who's going to be the second baseman once Nomar comes back? Or is Nomar going to chip a nail and get a papercut on the same day and be out for the season? If/when Nomar comes back, which Nomar is going to show up - Nomaaah, or Mr. Useless? And Trot! What about Trot?? Right field just looks too well-kept without Trot's patch out there.
So the Sox are off to Toronto today to play the Blue Jays. Kevin Millar made this brilliant summation of the series with Cleveland: "We were in every game, but they scored more runs than us." File under: No Shit Sherlock. Sounds like he got that quote out of the Big Book Of Grady-isms.
I'm off to another glorious day at the salt-mines. Let's go Sox!!

I'm sick to goddamn-death of the Indians. Haven't we been playing like the same three teams for the past month and a half?? Three errors in tonight's game - frustrating. The umpire evidently used a refrigerator box as a guideline for the strike zone tonight. Sideline: has anybody noticed how raggedy Millar's socks are? When I was at the game in Cleveland my friend pointed out a run in his socks, and now I've noticed that they've turned into out-right holes. Ghettooooo!
Headed for the Skydome next. C'mon Sox!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I forgot to mention some things last night because I was feeling tired and crabby. First of all, I couldn't be happier to see Byung Hyun Kim sent down to AAA...Actually, I could be happier if they just traded his ass away. He absolutely SUCKED the other day (2 runs scored on a passed ball had me raining down a hail of abuse onto the tv screen like no other,) and I hope that he gets the worst case of syphilis known to mankind. I hate to say "I told you so," but I frickin' told you so about this guy! (Whoever "you" is.) He's an injury prone headcase who can't relieve cause he doesn't "want" to, and who can't start because he sucks, and can't close because any slight amount of pressure causes this guy to melt like butter on a hot skillet. And this is the guy the Sox saw fit to pay $5 million a year for the next two years. Trade him for another bench player, trade him for a ham sandwich, I don't really care, just don't ever make me have to watch him "pitch" ever again.
Second of all, now that it seems that Nomar is getting close (I hope) to a return, who should play second? Reese the Golden Glover, or Bellhorn, the guy that is something ridiculous like third on the team in OBP? I really have a soft spot in my heart for Pokey (and I have my pride staked on my prediction that he was going to end up batting .275 this year,) but I have to say that except for maybe the days that D-Lowe is pitching, Bellhorn should be there. I like his approach at the plate - doesn't strike out a lot, draws a country-shit-load of walks - and his defense isn't that shabby either. I mean, if the Sox are behind and there are men on base with one or two outs, who would you rather have at the plate, Bellhorn or Pokey?

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Sox beat Indians 5-2. ¡Pedro fue maravilloso! Eleven k's, 2 earned runs, and a jeri-curl that would make Sexual Chocolate see green. Less talking + more pitching = better performance.
Congratulations to Manny Ramírez for becoming a US citizen yesterday. Way to go, Manny! I have serious doubts about being able to pass the citizenship test myself and I was born here, so good for you. (I said that the capital of Montana was Billings the other day, even though I used to know that it was Helena a long time ago.)
Unfortunately I'm not feeling particularly Bloggy tonight...Work was tiring and I have a pretty bad sunburn that has leached all the energy out of me for the past two days. Another equation for you: sunburn + 110º kitchen + being surrounded by open flames and ovens = severe discomfort. So, hasta mañana.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Git 'er done! I just did my civic duty as loud and proud member of Red Sox Nation and spent 15 minutes stuffing the living hell out of the All-Star Ballot box to help David Ortiz get into the 2004 All-Star Game. You can vote up to 25 times, so everyone knows what to do!
Big ups to my mom today, cause it's Mother's Day! My mom is one of the coolest people in the entire world, and the older I get the cooler she seems to get! Love you mom!
Speaking of my mom, I'll be chilling with her all afternoon so I'll miss the game, but I'll write later after I've watched the tape. C'mon, D-Lowe!

My prediction might come true after all. We have this ugly-ass yellow plastic chair that we dragged in from the hall a few months ago that people have started to draw all over in Sharpie marker. One of the pieces of graffiti on the seat of the chair is my old man's prediction for Manny's stats this year - slightly over-optimistic if you ask me but that's Mike for you. So I was cleaning up one day and suddenly a prediction of my own came to me, completely out of the blue, and I wrote it on the back cushion of the chair: "Pokey = .275 in '04." Mike comes home, takes one look at it, and tells me that I'm smoking crack. But thanks to the huge can of whoop-ass that Pokey opened today he's batting somewhere in the .260's, I believe.
Great game today - Schilling basically slammed the Royals up against a locker, stole their lunch money and sent them home crying for their mothers. Meanwhile the Sox were making it around the bases like it was a roller-derby, thanks to the in-the-park and nearly out-of-the-park home runs by Pokey Reese, a homerun by ::gasp:: David McCarty, and doubles by just about everyone else. Pokey Reese wins the Pimp of the Day award. Dave McCarty wins the Even Blind Squirrels Find the Occassional Nut award.
Mr. Useless took live batting practice today. Whoop-dee-doo. Okay, I think my insomnia has almost run its course. Time to lay it down. Goodnight!

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Urrr-body on the team get tipsy!!! What a sweet comeback last night! Jonathan was whooping as hard as I was when Manny crossed homeplate and he's not even a Sox fan! I loved the expression on Manny's face as he crossed homeplate, like a little kid. Que mono! It was also sweet to see Trot come out on the field at the end. He's in Boston getting his quad checked out by Dr. Morgan, and as soon as he gets that taken care of he'll start a rehab assignment. Hurry, Trot, for the love of God!!!
On a completely non-baseball-related topic, I just discovered the miracle that is iTunes. This allows me to download all the awful booty rap songs that I secretly enjoy but would never buy because the rest of the cd is most likely garbage - like what I'm listening to right now, "Good Times," by Styles P...actually, isn't this the batting song that Manny got in trouble for a couple seasons ago? Ha - it was baseball related after all! :) In any case, my husband is apalled by my iTunes library, and every time I play it he gives me that "I married you?" look.
Um, what else....
Oh ya - EVERYBODY WRITE IN ORTIZ AS ALL STAR FIRSTBASEMAN!!! We gotta get him in there! I've worked out a couple deals at work with some of my friends and fellow baseball fans wherein they will write in Ortiz in exchange for me voting for all Reds players on the NL ticket. Tell a friend! Don't let Orteezy get dissed like that!!! (Repeat after me - Orteezy. Orteezy.)
On further reflection, I have to wonder why in the hell Manny picked this song for his batting music...I mean, the beat is tight and the hook is cool, but has anyone ever listened to the words?? Jesus...."Every day i need an ounce and a half...cause if i'm sober, dog, i might just flip, grab my guns and hold something up...I smoke like a chimney, matter fact I smoke like a gun when a killer sees his enemy...I'm gonna finish you before I finish the Dutch." Haha!!!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Okay. First things first. I was able to attend my first Sox game of the year on Monday. Unfortunately the game turned out to be a pathetic 2-1 loss against the Cleveland Indians. The bats were dead, people. D-E-A-D. Except for David's RBI double off the centerfield wall and Tek's double there really wasn't any excitement. And let me take a minute to say what a bunch of rednecks people in Cleveland are. Both times I've made trips up there the Jake has been filled with zit-faced, buck-toothed, backwards-ass Missing Link types. Some hillbilly behind me actually stood up and screamed "Ortiz, go back and live in the trees!" during Ortiz's last at-bat. Fucking ridiculous. I ended up getting into a confrontation with the gap-toothed appalachian fourteen-year old bride and her pizza-faced boy friend sitting next to us over the fact that Omar Vizquel failed to run out a grounder to short, saying that I didn't understand how come Vizquel could get away with being a lazy ass while Manny Ramírez couldn't. The only response I got was (stick your lower lip under your upper teeth, stick your upper teeth out as far as you can while tucking up your upper lip and say with your best hick accent:) "Omar don't get booed in Cleveland!" In any case, we had cool seats - front row, right/center field. I am forever grateful to my friend Lacey who was cool and spontaneous enough to actually drive my crazy ass up to Cleveland when I had only suggested the idea two hours earlier. Hopefully next time I get to see the Sox in Fenway with Paulie and Allie they will actually win that game.
Um, other news...Speaking of winning, it was a real relief to walk into the house last night and see that the Sox were finally on top. Hopefully last night was a sign that the bats are going to wake up again. Trot, Nomar - please come back!! I can't stand to watch another game with Crespo, McCarty, Reese and Bellhorn all in the line-up at the same time. Dare I even mention Brian "AA" Daubach. Nothing is more heart-sinking than watching the Sox battle the bases loaded only to find that the next batter is Brian "the Rally Killer" Daubach.
I feel like I should say something about the whole Pedro situation, but I can't really come up with anything. I blame his big fucking mouth for the 5-game losing streak. I think he's a selfish, whining bitch and I'm tired of him trying to hold the fans hostage to wring more money (which as of now he doesn't deserve) out of the Sox organization. Maybe if he didn't have a 4.4 era, an often dead-looking fastball and a shoulder held together with duct tape and chewing gum. Down with millionaire whiners!!! It was kind of sweet to see his boyfriend try to help Pedro out by volunteering to defer 5 mil a year toward Pedro's salary. I hope that makes Pedro feel extremely bad about himself. I know that if I was walking around the kitchen demanding a raise and bad-mouthing chef and one of my co-workers offered to give me an extra dollar-an-hour raise out of their own paycheck I would feel like a big douchebag.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I'm back! I have been without the internet for the past three weeks or so thanks to my dipshit ISP, but it's all good now. After reinstalling my operating system, all my drivers and getting a new modem I can finally update my blog once again! And my computer runs a lot faster now, so it wasn't all in vain.
I got lots to talk about. A friend and I took a spur of the moment trip to Cleveland on Monday to watch the Sox/Indians game. Schilling pitched a good game, but the bats were dead, dead, dead. Sox on a losing skid. Pedro decides to open his big mouth again and turn into The Biggest Bitch on the Planet. Manny is still my favorite. I'll write more later but I gotta go to work. Hasta luego.