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Monday, April 05, 2004

God I love Opening Day. My friend and I headed down to Fifth street to watch the Reds parade today - let me tell you, you never see more Reds fans in Cincinnati than on Opening Day. By June you won't even be able to find one if you put out a reward. Baseball has been on television all day, what a glorious thing. I was just working on a painting and had the A's game on, just reveling in the sound of the announcers and the crowd. (Should show you how much I miss baseball since I think the A's are a bunch of whining douchebags, and they're playing the Rangers about whom I couldn't care less.)
I'm super jealous of my husband, as he is off tomorrow and will be able to watch Schill's first start live while I'm at work cooking creamed morel mushrooms and sauteeing sole. Perhaps I can sweet talk him into taping the game but not watching it until I get home. :) Now that would be true love.
I wonder if the sight of Johnny Damon will ever cease to make me laugh. I love when his hat flies off as he's tearing across centerfield and all of the sudden hair is just flowing everywhere. Manny was also pretty entertaining with his off-tha-chain braids. Looks like he's been hanging out with Ludacris. "Watch out my outfit's ree-diculous/In the club lookin so conspicuous!"