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Friday, March 26, 2004

Woah woah woah, people. Let's all just calm down about the Pedro's fastball controversy. It's starting to get old. We won't know exactly what he's capable of until the regular season starts, and furthermore, I honestly do not care whether the man throws a single fastball over 91mph for the rest of his life as long as he keeps getting wins. I understand that there is more involved in this issue than just whether or not Pedro can throw 97mph anymore. He is in the last year of his contract and the Sox management are trying to figure out if he's durable enough for a long term contract and all that. But the Sox are taking care of business. Shaughnessy, in his latest article, quoted Larry Lucchino as saying: "Ordinarily you like to diversify your portfolio so that player's contracts don't all come up at the same time. Due to an unfortunate confluence of events, we are making some exceptions to our general policy about no negotiating during the season...we're not on a stopwatch. We're not trying to get things done in the next 6 days." I would venture to speculate that having so many contracts to deal with isn't the only reason why the Sox are going to take their time deciding on a contract offer for Pedro...They probably want to see him in action over time during the regular season before they make a judgement on his value. I think we should all follow their lead and just chill out with the spring training panic bullshit.
Incidentally, I can't believe I quoted a Dan Shaughnessy article today, but believe it or not it's not as outright offensive as most of his drivel is. Usually I want to bash Shaughnessy in the brainstem with a rusty anchor, but not today. Perhaps he realizes that if Pedro leaves town he will have to invest too much time ruining another player's reputation and inventing catty things about them to write about. Or perhaps, as I have always suspected, his overbearing negativity and constant personal attacks on Pedro are really indicative of deeply repressed homosexual desire. [Haha, I can't even write this with a straight face.] Sort of like how kids in third grade pick on the little girls they like the most - that kind of vibe. Hey Danny, I can't blame you kid - Pedro does have a hot bod and a butt that looks tighter than bed sheets on an army bunk, but I think you're going about things the wrong way. Just ask the man out and spare me all the shitty "journalism."