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Monday, March 29, 2004

Six more days!
Pokey Reese is getting some positive press today. Jack McKeon says this: "If he hits .260, that's good. He'll save you 40-50 runs a year. If he knocks in 35 runs, tack them on and say he knocked in 85." If I were King of the World (I guess it would be Queen or Empress, since I'm a chick,) Pokey Reese would be the starting shortstop of the 2005 Boston Red Sox. My husband is on this kick lately about how the Sox should get Deivi Cruz, who was recently released by the Devil Rays, to play at second base while Pokey takes over shortstop. This would be a highly economical move and would make the keystone very solid, but we would be losing too much run production, IMO. Neither Cruz nor Reese are any great shakes at the plate. Pokey Reese has said that he'll play wherever his team wants him to play, but he also said this: "...a lot of people consider me a 2nd baseman, but I consider myself both (2nd and SS.) I've been looking for a home for a long time, and what better place is there to play than Boston?" Indeed...
Kevin Millar is back at it with his new diary. Couldn't they have picked someone else to do it this year? Ortiz, maybe? Pokey? Varitek? Schilling? Maybe they could do Pedro's monthly diary, and we'd all get to read 6 paragraph diatribes about how everyone hates him because he is black and Dominican. I used to really like Millar, but I got kinda put off by the whole A-Rod, ESPN interview thing. Maybe the best thing for him would be to pull a Leonard Cohen and take a vow of silence in a buddhist monastery for a year.
There's some activity on Manny's website. That picture on the right - yikes! - looks like someone got into Pedro's jerricurl juice.