The Boston Red Sox: Defenders of the 2004 World Championship!! "Whoever plunges into his experiences with the momentum of hope, will remember so that he cannot forget." - Soren Kierkegaard.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Remember what I said yesterday about the Sox waiting until after the season to work out an extension with Pedro? According to the Herald it looks like I'm probably wrong, and I couldn't be happier. Pedro was involved in face-to-face negotiations with Sox management, including John Henry, and was said to leave the meeting "happy." No details were made public, but the article states: "It is relatively rare for a player to be present at these types of meetings, and it is obvious the presence of both Martínez and Henry was a sign of willingness on both sides to be flexible about forging a path that would lead to a mutually satisfying deal."
The Sox are saying (again) that they are making a "concerted effort" to resign Nomar, despite not having answered Nomar's agent Arn Tellum a response to their recent counteroffer. Hopefully this is just lip service. It seems pretty obvious to me that Nomar expects to be overpayed and have his ass kissed since his feelings got hurt during the whole A-Rod debacle. I've already written about a million times why it's really okay for the Sox if Nomar walks, and I'm not going to get into it again.
Speaking of free agents, D.Lowe was awesome yesterday! It's killing me not to be able to see these games!! No Sox spring training games on in Cincinnati, not even their games against the Reds. I hope we beat the living be-Jesus out of the Scum today. Go Sox!