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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

It's good to be back after a week of banishment from the blogosphere, thanks to the morons at I geeked out yesterday when I ordered the MLB Extra Innings package from the cable company. The regular season is just around the corner!
Sox news: Ramiro Mendoza has sustained yet another injury, this time by cutting his finger on the seam of a baseball during a game of catch. Absolutely ridiculous. Next thing you know this guy is going to pull his hamstring rolling out of bed in the morning.
More speculation about Nomar going to the Dodgers.
And an interesting article in ProJo about Pedro's suspect velocity. It's only spring training - it's very possible that Pedro doesn't want to throw as hard as he can. Other pitchers aren't. The suggestion of a problem with Pedro's mechanics being caused by a sore shoulder are a little bit more disturbing, but could very well just be media garbage. I am starting to think that Sox management may wait until the end of the season before offering Pedro a contract, just to guage his durability.